Community-Based Services: Structure for Success

The van der Kolk Center at Glenhaven Academy is committed to the long term success of our students.  We have developed community based services (CBS) designed to support our students in their transition home, or in some cases to help prevent outplacement.  The program is designed to assist families in improving the functioning of their child and the well-being and permanency of the family.  Our services are aimed at adolescents and their families struggling with significant emotional dysregulation, behavioral issues and/or mental illness. These services can be used to avoid residential placement and hospitalization or to facilitate the transition home from an out-of-home placement. CBS can also be used to help families create the necessary structure to enable the student to be successful at home, school, work, and other programs.

Support for Stability
Our community-based programs are established in a “wraparound” framework with the ability to incorporate all necessary wraparound values such as providing a voice and choice for the family, providing services in the communities where our students live, utilizing strength based and needs driven choices, offering a team-based approach and collaboration along with persistence and cultural competence, and sustaining natural supports and individualized services. 

Our Community-Based Services program provides a unique opportunity for students and their families to receive the supports they need while maintaining stability in the community.  We recognize that each young person and each family has its own set of individualized needs, which is why CBS provides two different models to meet the ever changing needs of the family.  One model includes an hourly rate which aims to stabilize students by offering an array of flexible community based services.  This model serves students of all ages.  The second model, our diversion model, offers adolescents between the ages of 12 and 22 and their families the same community based services with significantly more intensity and frequency as well as opportunity for respite. 

Individualized Treatment Plans
Community-Based Services treatment plans are created to meet the needs of the student and family.  Services can include Youth Mentoring, In-Home Behavioral Services, Creative Safety Planning, Case Management and Coordination, Crisis Intervention and Stabilization (24 hrs/day), Dialectical Behavior Skills Building, Life Skills Training, Education Advocacy, Employment Assistance, Caretaker Support and Education, Community Connections, Transportation, Recreational Services, Sibling Support, Individual, Family, and Group Therapy, and Respite Services (Diversion Model Only).