Assessments: Trauma-informed Assessment

The van der Kolk Center at Glenhaven Academy offers comprehensive trauma-focused assessment. This service consists of a comprehensive evaluation including developmental, familial, trauma and treatment history, projective and personality testing, strengths and resources assessment, record review, collateral evaluation and initial treatment planning.  Other optional assessments will be available including neuropsychological, educational, psychopharmocological, and vocational testing. These assessments provide clinical formulation, differential diagnosis, treatment planning, and recommendations for interventions for students with histories of chronic trauma and maltreatment.

These assessments occur across a period of either 5 days or 19 days while the student resides in our residential setting.  Each student will spend time each week engaging in sessions regarding this assessment.  At the completion of the assessment period, a comprehensive report including a clinical formulation will be provided.  This will include recommendations for ongoing care following discharge.

The 5 day program will involve just assessment over the course of the five days.  The 19 day program will provide the same assessment but will also include trauma stabilization.  Over the course of the program, students will receive a 16 session course of trauma focused individual psychotherapy with emphasis on establishment of foundational affect regulation skills and internalization of coping skills.  Each student will receive individualized educational as well as recreational programming including opportunities for horseback, riding, dance lessons, art classes, music instruction, and yoga.  As appropriate, students will be integrated into all of Walden’s milieu and group programming.  Educational support will be available as well.  Prior to the end of the program, students, their caregivers, and primary therapists will receive a comprehensive evaluation.

We also provide  a Student Support Assessment Program:  This program will offer the comprehensive assessment program described above as well as supportive educational work.  Often the trauma symptoms suffered by our students significantly impact the educational programming as students begin their college experience.  We will work closely to help the student not only complete the trauma assessment and provide stabilization, but we will connect with the school/college/university to help the student complete the necessary school work that was missed as well as provide supports to assist the student in returning to the academic setting as quickly as possible.  On average, this program is completed within 1 to 2 months. 

During his or her stay, your child will have the opportunity to participate in individualized therapeutic recreation and support activities including horseback riding lessons, yoga, music instruction, art classes, athletics, and exercise.  In addition, each student will have a mentor working individually with her to offer ongoing support and coaching.  Your child will have a bedroom with fresh linens and towels as well as home cooked meals and other adolescents to talk with.  Each student may bring to the program other items that he or she wishes including music, sports equipment, and school work to complete.  Families are invited to participate in any of the activities and programming.