Welcome to Boston GLASS!

Our place is your drop-in space!

Our drop-in space is a safe space to hang out while you do school work, use a computer, watch TV, eat and interact with your friends. It includes a living room, full kitchen, group room, computer stations, television, dance floor, and stereo. We have all sorts of services that support you in ways that are unique to what you need. If you are not ready to interact with any of our “services”, you can just kick back with your friends and talk, or meet someone new!

Don't like something? Say something!

We have opportunities, like our Youth Advisory Board, where you can help make decisions about what is going on in the drop-in space. Our goal is to make sure you feel free to be yourself in a safe environment. Boston GLASS is yours to experience in a way that YOU want to experience Boston GLASS!



Boston Glass Drop-In Center is located at 75 Amory Street, Garden Level, Boston, MA 02119

Drop - In!

MON 11:30 am-6:45 pm
TUE 11:30 am-6:45 pm
WED 1 pm-6:45 pm
THU 11:30 am-6:45 pm
FRI 1 pm-4:45 pm

We are closed on most major holidays

We believe that every person deserves to be accepted, loved, and nurtured in order to realize their full potential.”

For more info, contact:

Ismael Rivera
Program Director
(617)266-3349 ext. 215